Universal Access Control Solutions by ELATEC

Authentication: Security and efficiency in the smart hospital

In smart hospitals, access control and the associated authentication ensure patient safety, data integrity and efficient processes. Thanks to a consistent system, access, security and convenience are standardized for everyone—a benefit for patients, visitors and staff.

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Modern access control: The heart of the smart hospital

Operators of healthcare facilities face the daily challenge of reconciling safety and efficiency. Above all, access to operating theaters must be quick and uncomplicated, while access to patient files and medication must be regulated. At the same time, it is important that common areas such as cafeterias are easily accessible for patients and their visitors. This is why smart hospitals rely on advanced authentication and access control systems that not only optimize daily hospital operations, but also provide a high level of IT security. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, implementing robust IT security measures is essential to effectively protect hospitals. These strategic steps go a long way towards not only improving operational efficiency, but also ensuring a high level of security for patient data and privacy. In doing so, they support the fundamental goal of smart hospitals: to create a safe, efficient and patient-centered environment.

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