Overview, advantages,
implementation The Optimal Security Solution for Healthcare

Learn how RFID solutions benefit your staff and patients, and understand why it's a forward-thinking, efficiency-enhancing investment.

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In the healthcare sector, it is important to know who is accessing or changing information, systems or consumables. Who is authorized to change the settings on a patient's medical device? Who is allowed to access protected health data? How can you prevent unauthorized access to controlled substances or expensive medical care?

Understand why universal RFID readers are particularly suitable for practical use and thus increase the competitiveness of your organization.

This white paper provides answers to these questions. You'll also learn why RFID user authentication and access control systems are so effective in protecting patient privacy and safety, and how they can simultaneously monitor healthcare consumption and costs, prevent substance theft, and track staff activities for quality analysis and reporting.

In a large hospital or hospital network, dozens or hundreds of RFID-enabled devices may be in use—many of them on ambulances or workstations that are constantly on the move and difficult to locate. This makes it extremely difficult to update or reconfigure RFID readers and ensure that none are forgotten. The secret here is remote maintenance—and anyone who reads the white paper will know about it.

Read the white paper to learn how you as an organization in the healthcare market can benefit from RFID—concretely, in practice, for the future.

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