Universal Access Control Solutions by ELATEC

Secure user authentication for computers, networks and files What you need to know

When you are managing company computers, whether just a few or hundreds, the security of your business and customer data is paramount. This whitepaper explains how single sign-on systems using RFID or smartphone-based BLE or NFC increase security and convenience for user authentication and access control.

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Increase computer and network security and reduce theft of valuable company intellectual property

Most organizations still rely on password systems for computer access and data and network security. But maintaining complex passwords required for high security leads to password fatigue
for end-users, IT time spent resetting forgotten passwords, and a high risk that passwords may be compromised.

The modern work world runs on networked computers. From small businesses with fewer than ten people, to multinational corporations, to government agencies and non-profits, most workers must
log in to a company computer and access systems, files and software available over a company network. 

In this white paper, you will learn how to guarantee secure access to data, networked devices and software systems while enhancing the user experience.

Learn in the white paper what is important when choosing an RFID solution for single sign-on systems, so you can make the best decision.

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