RFID User Authentication and
Access Control Solutions for the
Connected Healthcare Environment
at HIMSS 2019

ELATEC products address critical cybersecurity and HIPAA vulnerabilities within hospitals and health systems.

User authentication deficiencies, endpoint data leakage and excessive user permissions are the three most common cybersecurity risks facing health systems and hospitals, according to new data from Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute. At the HIMSS19 Global Conference and Exhibition, February 11–15, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, ELATEC will be demonstrating its uniquely flexible radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, which mitigates these issues by strengthening user authentication for access control applications.

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Access control is critical for healthcare institutions in order to protect patient safety and meet stringent HIPAA requirements for medical information privacy. Radio frequency identification (RFID) readers are an effective and efficient means of user authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel can access patient health records, change settings on medical devices or gain access to restricted medications, equipment or supplies. RFID readers are more secure and easier to manage than passwords, which are easy to share and often forgotten, creating both security risks and an unnecessary IT burden. Password systems also slow down medical personnel, requiring them to remember and enter passwords into different devices, often under emergency conditions or extreme time pressure. With RFID, medical personnel simply swipe the same badges they use to gain entry to the building for fast and easy access to the records, supplies and equipment they need to perform their jobs.

ELATEC readers are already widely used for secure print management and other healthcare ecosystem applications such as time and attendance, computer single sign-on, room scheduling, pharmaceutical and high-value supplies dispensing, and medical equipment access control.

There are dozens of RFID card technologies in use globally, creating challenges for hospital systems and device manufacturers wishing to implement RFID for access control beyond the front door. While other systems only recognize a few proprietary technologies, ELATEC RFID readers are universal. They can recognize and decode more than 60 RFID proximity card transponder types as well as smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near-field Communication. They are also certified for use in 110 countries. This means that large hospital systems that may be using multiple card technologies across different locations due to mergers and acquisitions can rely on a single reader type for access control and user authentication for all of the other devices and systems they use. For medical device manufacturers and software developers, ELATEC readers provide a “single part number solution” that allows them to sell their RFID-enabled devices into practically any hospital system throughout the world without worrying about what kind of card technologies their clients may be using.

“We describe ELATEC’s readers as being future proof,” explained John Tepley, President of ELATEC USA, Inc. “There are numerous technologies used for various applications throughout the region and the world, which means companies that want to integrate RFID into their solutions must be prepared to handle many different RFID transponder technologies. ELATEC is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges.”
ELATEC readers can be easily and remotely reconfigured to address emerging technologies, security threats and end-user requirements, so they are inexpensive to maintain and will remain usable longer than competing reader technologies.

As the healthcare ecosystem becomes more connected and complex, and the FDA puts increasing emphasis on cybersecurity risks for medical devices and software applications, developers need smart, easy solutions to close security vulnerabilities around user access and authentication. RFID provides fast, easy and secure authentication for all kinds of medical devices and applications. ELATEC readers can help developers meet emerging security challenges and address the needs of their healthcare clients.

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