Direct PLC-Reader Connection
Reduces Downtime

A US automotive manufacturer wanted to simplify machine authentication with a reader that would directly connect to assembly line Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

ELATEC’s powerful and flexible TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI reader and TCP3 Converter eliminated the need for additional backend software and hardware and reduced authentication-related downtime. 

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  • The reader needed to directly connect to the PLCs, eliminating a complex and unreliable system of backend software and hardware.
  • Authentication needed to be fast and reliable to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
  • It needed to enable reliable identification of which operators were at each station and at what time to support quality control and training initiatives.


  • The ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI reader allows programming customization for direct communication with the PLC.
  • The TCP3 Converter converts the badge information from the reader to a TCP/IP message for direct connection to the PLCs, without additional software interfaces.


  • Managers know exactly who is at each station and when, so they can pinpoint and address quality issues.
  • The system improves authentication reliability and production uptime.
  • It is easy to manage centrally, reducing time for IT in managing readers and badges.

Success story

A US automotive manufacturer needed a simpler and more reliable method of machine authentication on the manufacturing lines.

The TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI and TCP Converter enable direct connection to PLCs for authentication that is secure, reliable and fast.

A Direct Connection to Assembly Line PLCs

The solution eliminated a complex, multi-stage backend system of hardware and software for machine authentication. Now, authentication with PLCs happens locally, right at the assembly line station.

This solution is faster, more secure and more reliable. As a result, the company has fewer authentication failures and less production downtime.
The system reduces headaches and saves time for IT, too, resulting in higher productivity all around.

Reliable Operator Identification for Quality Control

A reliable system of user identification allows managers to see exactly which operator was in which station, at what time, and for how long.

This makes it easier to pinpoint and troubleshoot manufacturing quality issues. Every process completed on the assembly line can be reliably linked to an operator badge, allowing them to identify potential issues and address training needs.

TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI and TCP3 Converter: A Powerful Combination

The ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI, in combination with the TCP3 Converter, gave them the right combination of reliable hardware and powerful software.

The TWN4 MultiTech 2-PI can read 60+ card technologies and can be programmed for direct communication with the PLC. The TCP3 Converter enables secure connection of the reader to devices that do not come with a USB port, such as the PLCs.

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