ELATEC Announces Partnership with Kyocera

ELATEC RFID card readers

RFID card user authentication for print and document management provides security, speed, simplicity, savings and user satisfaction.
Palm City, Fla., October 31, 2018 – ELATEC, a world leader in RFID card readers for user authentication and access control solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with Kyocera Document Solutions America. Under this partnership, Kyocera has included ELATEC RFID card readers as a recommended on-ramp to user authentication solutions for its network of Kyocera and Copystar branded multi-function printer dealers.

RFID-enabled user authentication allows an employee of an organization to release potentially sensitive documents from a print server by presenting a contactless RFID card instead of cumbersome and error prone manual entry of passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs). Importantly, RFID also provides an additional security layer because passwords and PINs are easily compromised when employees share them with colleagues or watch over someone's shoulder to steal their information. PINs can also be easily miskeyed, accidentally releasing the material to the wrong person. RFID cards, which are typically assigned as employee ID and door access cards, are less likely to be shared between employees and cannot be easily duplicated or hacked. ELATEC RFID card readers are designed such that their configuration cannot be extracted once programmed which makes it nearly impossible for propriety keys or configurations to be copied or stolen.

“ELATEC supports over 60 card types simultaneously, essentially providing a single card reader model.  The benefit to Kyocera and their dealers is a vast reduction in the variety of card readers they need to retain in their inventory eliminating the requirement for costly safety stock and product obsolescence. This gives us an edge in larger environments, such as hospitals and colleges and is just one of the many great features of ELATEC card readers”, said Rosann LeRose, Solutions Marketing Manager for KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc. “This is a real differentiator when combining this and other solutions to our customers and enables Kyocera to provide a true and Total Document Solution.”

ELATEC RFID card readers are designed to work in the single sign-on space of enterprise contact management capture solutions such as Kyocera’s own DMConnect and other 3rd party document management solutions and in its own Print Management Solutions such as Kyocera’s Net Manager and other 3rd party Print Management Solutions. This new partnership also extends these same benefits to Kyocera’s Copystar branded multi-function devices.